Climate Anxiety Campaign

Anxiety, denial, depression are sensible responses to learning the truth about climate – leaving millions of young people overwhelmed and teachers unfairly burdened. Join the call for access to resources and support to properly address our climate anxiety crisis – starting in the classroom.

What's Happening?

In classrooms across the world, educators find that learning about the realities of environmental breakdown brings anxiety, depression and overwhelm for their students. Don’t call it doomism: this is a natural response to a grave threat properly understood – especially when the world’s leaders are so clearly failing to protect young people and their future.

Currently schools and other places of education for children and adults alike are without the resources to properly handle naturally arising climate anxiety, and support healthy engagement with the realities of a warming planet. 


Meanwhile at a global level, a vicious circle has set in where public and institutional anxiety deepens inaction and lack of action deepens our many crises. 


As knowledge of the climate and other crises grows ever more widespread, mental health impacts must be handled with care and sensitivity – for the sake of societal wellbeing and to nurture the wise and decisive public action that can only come from healthy engagement with reality.


As the first phase of our climate anxiety campaign gets underway, we’re highlighting the need for appropriate resources and supportive spaces to help the millions of young people whose lives are unavoidably impacted by climate anxiety. 


Amazing work is already underway to create the inner resource we need – and it’s time for this capacity to become available to as many people as possible – starting in the classroom.

We warmly invite you to join us. Help kickstart a national conversation about climate anxiety by signing our open letter today, and join a growing coalition including Bill McKibben, Charlie Gardener, Renee Leertzmann and many more.

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