Alone, we may feel small, but a majority is a powerful force.


Let’s stand up and show that people across Britain want proper action on climate.

Most people sense that we’re in deep trouble with climate breakdown, and they want to do something. Many have already begun.


Welcome to the climate majority.

Calling on the hidden majority waking up to our climate reality.

If you feel like leaders are failing to protect your future, you’re not alone. But governments won’t make the massive changes we need until they see that millions of people WANTS change.

It’s already begun: across the UK in communities, workplaces and wherever they have power, people from all walks of life are organising the kinds of serious climate action that can make governments take notice.

The Climate Majority Project is a gathering place for citizen climate action.

We help projects to grow, get funding, and connect with as many willing people as possible.


Calling on the UK’s largest landowners to rewild
Constituents holding politicians to account on climate

In the media

How can we speed up
mass climate action?

Our way of working has four strands.

To learn more about what we do in theory and practice:

Strand 1

Shifting the public narrative about climate change towards the truth, through skilful messaging.

Strand 2

Cultures of awareness and resilience

Facing the truth together and taking action calls for inner resources and communities of support.

Strand 3

Serious action

Helping people from many backgrounds take meaningful action to help drive the systemic change we need.

Strand 4

Building shared understanding

Developing the identity and vision of the emerging mass movement, and helping people see that they are powerful together.


The Climate Majority


We provide funding and expertise to initiatives working to bring serious climate action into the mainstream. The Incubator gathers funding from visionary ‘investors’, to support entrepreneurs of citizen climate action with essential finance, strategic and practical input, and access to a network.

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The next big thing is a lot of things.

The future depends on citizens, taking action together.

Want to get involved?

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