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We provide funding and expertise to initiatives that bring serious climate action into the mainstream.

The Incubator gathers funding from visionary ‘investors’, to support initiatives for citizen climate action with essential finance, strategic and practical input, and access to a network.

Who can apply?

We want to hear from UK-based organisers of urgent citizen climate action.

We prioritise initiatives that:

Currently in the incubator:

Community Climate Action

Creating and implementing local plans for infrastructure development and mobilising local people to meet Local Climate Emergency targets.

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Lawyers for Net Zero

Lawyers for Net Zero are working with one of the most influential sectors in society: the in-house legal community, to deliver significant climate action.

MP Watch SB

MP Watch

A group that involves voters in the constituencies of major climate deniers tracking their MPs activities and making local voters aware of these.

Wild Card works to convince the UK’s largest landowner to address the climate and nature crisis by ambitiously rewilding. Our vision is to see 50% of the country rewilded.

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People Get Real

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The mainstream climate change story needs to be updated. People Get Real aims to encourage a reality-check of what the general public is being told as a prerequisite for encouraging meaningful climate action.
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