"What Can I do?"

Naturally this is the question we’re asked the most by people eager for climate action. While only you can find the answer, we can help set you on your way.

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The climate movement the world needs will eventually be as big as any war effort – but we can’t wait for the government to lead it. It will be created by millions of people from many backgrounds, with unique needs and talents. This means each of us finding the work that is ours to do, using the resources available to us and led by our own values. 


It won’t look like any climate movement that you’ve seen before, and it will look very different, depending on where you’re standing. 


But while it’s not our place to tell you what to do, we can point to some areas of life where citizens have real power – and where people have already begun taking serious climate action into their own hands.

Get Involved

Start where you are


Usually, we don’t need to go far. Our working lives and our local communities are often the places where most of our impact on the world is created, and where we have most power to transform business as usual. 

In your own networks you may find that people have already begun organising climate action that you can get involved with. And across the UK and the world there are many initiatives you can join or treat as inspiration for your own. 


It begins with a conversation


Talking to others about climate is an important first step toward action:


  • We don’t have to do this alone. In fact the best way to start is to find the others – the people in your community or organisation who share your concerns and your hopes. 
  • Getting together, and talking about what needs to change will help you clarify your ideas.
  • Each conversation about climate change is an opportunity to spark action in others. Research shows this is one of the most effective things you can do.

Other areas


Not everyone will feel called to work that fits into any of the above categories. That’s ok, it just means that finding your work may be a little harder. Like starting a new business, finding your route into climate action is a challenging process that requires hard thought, preparation, help, and the willingness to take risks.


The world needs thousands of new ideas to be tried out by brave souls. Among the creative ideas that the CMP incubator helped this year are:

An increasing number of people help people like you find your own work to do, and they are waiting to hear from you. We’re in touch with many of these climate guides.


If you’d like to help mentor people who are finding their work, or if you would like help getting in touch with peers who are figuring out their own work, please email connect@climatemajorityproject.com

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