Core team

Rupert Read


Rupert Read is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK, former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and co-director of the new Climate Majority Project. He authored several books, including This Civilisation is Finished, Parents for a Future and Why Climate Breakdown Matters and has been many times on the Today programme, QuestionTime, Newsnight, Politics Live, Al Jazeera, and more.

Liam Kavanagh


Liam Kavanagh is a Cognitive & Social Scientist devoted to using his understanding of human motivation, ideology, and economics to aid more effective responses to the climate crisis. He has worked on three continents over 20 years doing applied social research, co-founded Life Itself, a community for responding to the poly-crisis, and written a book on how Western ideology contributes to climate change inaction.

Jadzia Tedeschi

Operations Manager

Jadzia Tedeschi is a psychology student who is deeply convinced of the symbiosis between mind, society, and environment. While she was born and grew up in central Italy, where she currently lives and studies, she attended boarding school and the beginning of university in the United States. Within the Climate Majority Project, she takes care of outreach and administrative tasks.

Helena Farstad


Helena is a Chartered Management Accountant and a Business Consultant having worked in the Environmental Sustainability space for over a decade. Helena co-founded Catalysers in 2019 and has been primarily focused on raising awareness of and agency to address the environmental crisis through connecting with the crisis on an emotional basis. Helena is also the co-founder and director of This is Agency, director of Youths & Environmental Advocacy Centre UK, and have co-founded two local London based activist groups focusing on Air Quality and Net Zero. She is Norwegian, married, mum of two girls and two dogs.

Rosie Bell

Rosie Bell

Copy and narrative development

Rosie Bell is a writer and communications specialist, dedicated to making better sense amid the meta-crisis. Her work is currently focused upon climate movement narratives, and the role of inner capacities in societal change. Alongside training as a mindfulness teacher, Rosie brings a graduate background in philosophy and performance to her creative work with global charities and policy initiatives. She has co-authored a number of influential reports in the areas of climate action and inner development.

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Alexia Netcu

Admin and Social Media Assistant

Alexia is a recent graduate in Culture and Politics who brings her commitment to intercultural harmony and curiosity into the admin and social media work she does. Originally from Romania, she is social chameleon who has lived in 5 countries and became acutely aware of the necessity to organize for a better world during her boarding school and university years in the USA.

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Sam Bowen

Public Relations

Sam is a communications specialist with over 25 years experience in corporate and brand PR, notably within reputation management, stakeholder insight, strategic narrative development and multi channel outreach. He is the co-founder and a partner of Four32, a strategic sustainability advisory and stakeholder engagement consultancy, is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps and he has studied Business Sustainability Leadership with Cambridge University. In 2009, Sam co-led the reputation management for University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit following one of the UK’s most disruptive cyberattacks,  events which became known globally as ‘Climategate’. Within the Climate Majority Project, Sam leads on communications and media engagement.


Jessica Townsend

Community and Media

Jessica Townsend was a career writer until she became aware of the climate crisis and starting working for Extinction Rebellion. Initially the content coordinator, she started the XR podcast interviewing luminaries like Margaret Atwood, Kate Raworth and Joanna Macy. She then co-founded Writers Rebel to encourage high profile writers to use their platforms to spread the message about climate and nature crises. The denial work led her to cofound Steve Baker Watch which grew into the network

Julian Thompson

Community Climate Action Lead

Joolz has spent the majority of his career in the Private Sector. As a Marketing professional he’s spent 25 years crafting data driven, cross media campaigns, convincing audiences to respond to calls to action… Successfully telling the wrong stories, for the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. Having decided to take another path, the skills acquired in that time have helped him to dedicate the last 7 years to working towards social and environmental justice (including protesting and direct action). In 2019 Joolz was on the campaign team for Jamie Driscoll Mayor of North of Tyne Combined authority, helping create an ambitious manifesto and an election victory. Joolz is the founder of iFarm, a Community Benefit Society in East Anglia and CEO of Community Climate Action.

Jamie Bristow

Inner-work Advisor

Jamie is a leading expert on the role of contemplative practice in public life, co-author of the influential report Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out, and Policy & Advocacy Lead for the Inner Development Goals. From 2015 to 2023 he clerked the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness and served as Director of an associated policy institute, The Mindfulness Initiative, where he worked with decision-makers around the world to integrate the cultivation of inner capacities into politics and public policy thinking.

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Chamkaur Ghag

Climate Anxiety Campaign Organiser and Spokesperson

Prof. Ghag is an astroparticle physicist specialising in dark matter research, and is a founding member of the LZ experiment which is the most advanced search for Dark Matter to date. Chamkaur also teaches the Environemntal Physics and Science Communication courses to Physics & Astronomy students at UCL, where more and more he has been encouraging students to learn about our global challenges as humans, and not just as scientists. He is collaborating with the CMP as an organiser and spokesperson for the climate anxiety campaign.

Naresh Giangrande

Senior Advisor

As a Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town, I was engaged for 15 years in building Transition Network a world wide social and environmental change movement. I am currently facilitating the economic dimension of Gai Education’s Eco village design training, am facilitating the  Climate Majority Project, wrote a ground breaking paper on transformative education, was managing director of a landscape company,  worked with Jem Bendell on Deep Adaptation, was a gaffer in the film industry, and taught meditation. I am currently a freelance educational consultant working with Schumacher College developing the ecologically regenerative potential of large language models (LLMs) creating applied solutions to our climate and ecological crisis.


Jen Newall

Outreach and Campaigns

Jen is a young, but wise force of nature who holds a strong, well informed vision of the future we need to build and isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. A former climate scientist, she spent almost a decade working at the forefront of climate research. In 2021 Jen left her position at Stockholm University upon realising the science alone was not going to deliver the behavioural and mindset change required to save our species. Since then she has devoted herself to empowering radical climate action at all levels and embracing her creative side to communicate the truth with compassion. She is co-founder of Trees For Birthdays, and earlier this year founded SAÍN (Soulful Adventures In Nature) delivering active mindfulness, resilience building and collective healing through a range of outdoor activities that connect individuals with themselves, each other, nature, and culture.  
A proud Scot, at one with nature, there is nothing Jen loves more than being in the wilds of Scotland – especially when that involves mountain biking &/or great company!

Ameet Mehta


Ameet is an entrepreneur and systems thinker. He has researched and deployed social technologies for internal innovation in large organisations, disruptive systemwide sharing of “knowhow” in healthcare, and most recently, researching and trialling skills-oriented, inquiry-based, social-learning experiences between high school students from around the world.  

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