The Climate Majority Project:
Setting the stage for a mainstream, urgent climate movement

If climate action remains marginal at this late hour, it will fail. The rapid, system-level change that we need to escape catastrophe will take unprecedented public mobilization. A majority of citizens is now concerned about human-made climate change – and as ever more people wake up to the crisis and ask ‘What can I do?’ they need a climate movement that welcomes them unconditionally.


Written as the early story of the CMP was itself unfolding, The Climate Majority Project explores the thinking behind this urgent initiative, and introduces its theory of change. This collaborative anthology also features guest chapters from change-makers and organizers of citizen climate action in the UK; the people on the ground already making this vital work happen.

Edited by Rupert Read, Liam Kavanagh and Rosie Bell

With a foreword by Lord Deben (former chair of the UK’s Climate Change Committee) and contributions from Helena Farstad, Chamkaur Ghag, Anthea Lawson, Marc Lopatin, Joel Scott-Halkes, Jessica Townsend, Joolz Thompson, Ben McCallen, Bel Jacobs, Carolyn Dare, Anna Hyde and Ruth Allen.

In dismay at the inaction of governments on climate, emerging citizen groups are showing how people can use their real power and authentic voice to drive change. In the workplace, in politics, in business and local communities, people are stepping forward both to demand transformation and to make it happen. This wave will grow if concerned individuals recognize that they’re part of a climate majority: a formidable collective force for change.


All proceeds from the sale of this book will support work by the Climate Majority Project to catalyse urgent citizen climate action.

What people are saying about this book

‘The climate emergency is now well and truly upon us… accepting that truth is not “doomism”, but a powerful path to deeper engagement with ourselves and our communities. If you’re ready to walk that path, this is the book – and the movement – for you.’

‘Our living world is under unprecedented threat. We must respond now, actively, thoughtfully, and in a way that carries the majority with us. This book shows us how we could truly do this. Practical, thoughtful and compassionate; guided by evidence and yet inspirational; it helps to dismantle the polarities that risk driving us apart.’

We will never get anywhere near climate justice until the full truth about our predicament is acknowledged, and widely acted upon. I commend this book to everyone looking to do the only thing that now really matters: acting as if our own lives, and those of our children and their children, and those of our kin across the planet, depend upon it.’

‘The only realistic hope for a turnaround in our civilization’s disastrous trajectory is for a critical mass of ordinary citizens to push for the deep changes required. This important book offers a thought-provoking new strategy to engage segments of the population who would never normally consider themselves activists in the struggle for a positive future. Demonstrating multiple possible pathways to catalysing a commitment to climate action, it offers a creative alternative to reaching the “climate majority” tipping point that we need.’

‘Knowing we’re part of something wider, something essential, something that is coming through gives us the confidence to play our part. Drawing on both the inspirational and practical aspects of this book, we, the majority, can grow in depth, imagination and power – to become an irresistible force. That is why I strongly commend The Climate Majority Project to you.’

We must do more, not only in the Global North but even more in the Global South, where the increasing ravages of ecocide are compelling millions into heightening their various modes of action and to defending their future. The climate majority must be a global majority. The contents of this book, in the context of the crisis that so many are finally waking up to, will justifiably fire people up more vibrantly in advancing our common cause.’

‘The ongoing breakdown of our climate is affecting everyone, and everyone needs to do their bit to stop a precarious future becoming cataclysmic. More than anything else, the world needs a mainstream climate movement, and it needs it now. If you care about the future of our planet, and the world your children and grandchildren will inherit, then read this book and be part of the coming wave of citizen climate action. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.’

‘Resolving the climate crisis will require far greater commitment and action from “ordinary people” than we have seen to date. This book is seeking to stimulate that action. We must all hope that it will be successful, so give it a read and find your route to playing your part in helping to address the greatest challenge of our time.’

‘While there will always be a vital role for activism to lead and push the boundaries of what change is possible, now more than ever we need to open the doors to those who care but can never see themselves as activists. This book talks about how we might do that, and this is an important step forward in our collective thinking on how we can protect our home planet.’

‘Stopping the climate from breaking down has become a top priority for the UK public – yet many people still feel powerless and political action is far too slow. This brilliant book sets out how climate campaigners and ordinary citizens alike can build a mass movement that translates growing public alarm into a diverse and unstoppable force on the scale that’s needed.’

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