Our Guiding Principles

The way we work reflects five principles


Respect everybody

Differences in political ideology, cultural background or knowledge, are all challenging but we can’t let them cause contempt. We don’t avoid disagreement, but we do avoid hostility. We also respect the fact that we’re going to fall short of our own condition of respect.


Reach beyond polarisation

The need to be “in the right” can feed a sense of superiority on one hand, and resentment on the other. Instead, we focus on building relationships based on common goals, and a commitment to pragmatic action despite differences.


Remember nobody owns climate action as an “issue”

The cultural norms and sensitivities of left-wing and progressive groups tend to dominate the activist space, and so climate action groups tend to self-select. But millions of people feel the significance of climate breakdown – so a mainstream movement should be ready to make almost anybody feel at home.


Meet people where they are

Everybody has their own journey towards accepting the seriousness of the climate and ecological crises. A coalition for building a better future needs relatable messengers capable of reaching audiences the climate movement has historically found difficult to reach. For example, we don’t ask people to self-identify as ‘activists’. Rather, we want to help people identify ambitious, useful actions that make the best use of their own talents.


Engage people with the truth patiently, with empathy and insight

Patience is difficult, given what is at stake. But patience is necessary, because not everyone is ready to hear truthful messages. Dominant messaging in our culture has prevented many people from understanding the depth of trouble we’re in. It’s entirely reasonable that people prefer stories that help them avoid feeling hopeless. But they now need to know the truth – and can hear it more easily when they are part of supportive communities.

6. Exercise Responsible and Cautious Attitude in Virtual Sports Betting

While our focus has been on promoting respect, transcending polarization, and engaging people in climate action, we recognize the need to address the impact of virtual sports betting. Our new principle emphasizes the importance of responsible and cautious behavior when engaging in virtual sports betting activities. We acknowledge that this form of entertainment can be enjoyable but carries the potential for harm if not approached with care.

Just as we encourage respectful discourse and patient engagement with the truth in climate action, we advocate for a thoughtful and considerate approach to virtual sports betting. This principle highlights the need to foster a culture of responsible gaming, emphasizing the well-being of individuals over excessive risk-taking. We aim to help people make informed decisions and engage CrashGamblingHUB in virtual sports betting in a way that ensures their safety and enjoyment.

By incorporating this sixth principle into our core values, we continue to evolve and address an important aspect of modern entertainment, aligning our principles with our commitment to a better future for all.

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