Why we are here.

We work to accelerate citizen climate action towards system change, and help a mass movement to see its own power.

In particular, we support promising initiatives organising citizen action in local communities, workplaces and professions. The Incubator helps them to grow, connect with funding and build their networks.

The world’s political and industry leaders have failed in delivering the massive transformation of systems needed to halt climate change. We often hear that time is running out to fix things – but the fact is, time ran out some time ago. It’s now too late to achieve the ‘safe’ 1.5°C limit agreed at the Paris 2015 summit.


This doesn’t mean that we should give up. The opposite: it means that in order to limit catastrophic damage, most of the people in the world need to be on board with climate action.

What we see as the problem.

Most people are already concerned about climate change as we are witnessing and experiencing the impact more and more. But often we don’t know what to 

do about it.

A big reason Governments haven’t yet acted properly is because the people they represent haven’t yet stood up together and demanded it. Without massive political pressure, politicians don’t make huge, difficult changes to the way society works. We’re not talking about a few thousand protesters. We’re talking about a majority of the population. Millions of people in the UK. Billions worldwide.

What can we do about it?

Citizens from many backgrounds are already leading this work themselves. We’re here to help their projects grow, multiply and connect with as many willing hands as possible.

The Climate Majority Project aims to help a majority of people in the UK who care about climate change to understand that they are powerful together, and take meaningful action, relevant to themselves and their communities. As well as ‘practical’ action, we advocate the importance of cultures of support, political inclusivity and resilience: to help us face the trouble we’re in together.

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