The Climate Majority Project – An Alternative to Extreme Activism? | BBC Radio

CMP spokesman Rob Harrison-Plastow introduces the community-based direct action tactics of the new climate movement as an alternative to shock factor protests and polarization [starting at 12’22].

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“Without the polarizing dynamic between extremist activism groups and conservative governments there wouldn’t exist this great space in the middle in which we now sit. On one side of us, we’ve got the large environmental NGOs that have become part of the system they initially sough to adress and change, and on the other we’ve got people glueing themselves to things and getting arrested. Meanwhile, there are millions of people in the middle who know what’s happening, are terrified and feel powerless, but no one is talking to them directly and saying: ‘We hear you!’ That’s what we’re saying: ‘We know exactly how you feel, we know what it feels like to have the desire for something different and cynicism, being on the brink of giving up but deep down knowing that there is a better world that is possible. You don’t have to be an eco-saint, everybody is entangled into the system, and that shouldn’t ever stop us from trying to change it. You can’t let your guilt and shame get in the way of you making a difference, no matter how small. Nor do you have to glue yourself to something or get arrested. You are enough, you are needed, and there is so much work to be done!’”

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