We, with Jonathan Rowson | Your Brain on Climate

WE need to take action on climate change. WE need a revolution. WE need to unite and tackle the problem. Etc. But who is this “we”?

Politicians and campaigners love to invoke it. It has powerful rhetorical force. But does this confusing “we” give us any sense of what each of us can actually fo? Is it a linguistic problem or something more profound about how our brains think about collective agency? And how the heck do “we” actually go from not doing enough, to doing so?

In this episode of “Your Brain on Climate,” where Rupert Read also spoke a few episodes back, Jonathan Rowson mentions the Climate Majority Project and echoes its approach, and the conditions necessary for people to bring real solutions to this shared, unavoidable problem into the way we lead our lives? Listen to it all here.

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