A Plea to the Next Government From Young People: We Need Spaces to Learn the Difficult Truth About Climate, Together | Desmog

“As a woman in her twenties who has worked to promote mainstream climate action with the Climate Majority Project for the past two years, here are my thoughts on the kind of education we need in the coming decades:

The adults of today, who grew up learning that somehow “everything is OK”, often are those who display the greatest denial or despair while coming to terms with signs that this civilization must radically change, and that there are no shortcuts. Citizens share a feeling that we should be protected, which is welcome. However, many young people know that even if society corrects its course of travel, we are in danger. We feel that something deep in the way we live is off, and are looking for answers — to learn about the climate crisis, and to understand why civilisation seems unable to address it.”

Read the full article by Jadzia Tedeschi here.

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