You are the Climate Majority

It's not just you.
Most people are now concerned about the climate, and wondering what to do.

The biggest change has to come from the Government – but it won’t happen until the Climate Majority stands up and shows that they want change.


That’s where you come in.

In local communities, workplaces and more, citizens are coming together, supporting each other, and taking climate action into their own hands. 


Unsure where to start? the first and best thing you can do is find the others – the friends, colleagues, neighbours and fellow citizens who share your concerns. Get the kettle on and get talking about the change you want to see – or find groups already working towards serious climate action and think about joining.


Ready to find out more?

What else can you do?

Put your project on the map

Let us know about your own work as we build the Climate Majority network.



Become part of the Climate Majority Project team, build your skills and be a change maker. 

Shout out

Spreading the word is vital to the success of this movement. Please help by sharing wherever you can. 

Join a working group
Discuss, debate and envision the future of climate activism. Email:


Your support matters, whether it’s regular or a one-off gift. Thank you!


And most importantly, join the conversation:

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