Citizen Action

Across the UK in communities, workplaces and wherever they have power, people from all walks of life are organising the kinds of serious climate action that will make governments take notice. Please find more information below about three areas where there is potential for effective citizens action. Please note this is not comprehensive and this resource will be regularly updated. 


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Act Locally

From campaigning and education to urban green spaces and energy initiatives, a lot is already happening as citizens are organising and building resilience in their communities. As one of the CMP incubatees, MP Watch is creating political transparency and accountability to drive climate votes. 


Below are further inspiring initiatives:

Climate Hub Network: resilience-building and advocacy for local net zero targets

Community Climate Action: co-creating and delivering local climate action plans

Backyard Nature: Engaging youth in nature preservation

Black Environmental Network: Promoting environmental justice and awareness

Clean Air Parents Network: Fighting air pollution in urban settings

Workplaces and business

Our places of work are the foundation of business as usual, thus they represent massive potential for change.  Work is where collectively we can organise – and from energy use, supply chains and transport to lobbying and advertising, investments and much more, as workers we can influence our organisations to choose a greener transition. However, while business specific changes can have an impact, truly meaningful action is what will drive Paris aligned policy changes that hold all businesses accountable; drive out those with business models that do not have a place in the future decarbonised economy, and create a level playing field for those that have.   If you would like to get involved in the Climate Majority Project’s work on rallying the business community, please email

Professional Networks

Some professions have particular potential to move the transition forward quicker.  For example, massive opportunity exists for Legal Counsel to influence their organisation to drive rapid climate action. In the CMP incubator, Lawyers for Net Zero is set up to facilitate the UK’s most influential business lawyers to do just that.  Elsewhere powerful collaborations are emerging between actuaries  and the climate scientist community. Their work in modelling and forecasting practices has the potential to change how whole professions and their work relates to and incorporates knowledge of the climate crisis in managing risk. Read the latest Actuaries and Climate report. Meanwhile, Purpose Disruptors are working to catalyse transition in the advertising industry.  From lawyers pushing legal changes to support the climate transition to insurers flagging the inherent issues with the existing risk modelling, professional networks including accountants, actuaries, financial advisors, asset managers and investors are particularly well positioned to their leverage to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised economy. If you are professional in any of these areas and would like to get involved in the Climate Majority Project’s initiatives to target these professions, please email

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